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Get ”Nara Park Nishinokyo 1-Day Bus Pass” by using Airport Limousine to Nara

Those who take an airport limousine bus from Kansai International Airport to Nara will get “Nara Park Nishinokyo 1-Day Bus Pass”, 500 yen, for free. With the Pass, you can make unlimited ride of bus operated by Nara Kotsu throughout Nara for one day. The Pass covers the area including Nara Park, Todaiji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Kohfukuji Temple, Nara-machi, Sinyakushiji Temple, Joruriji Temple, Hannyaji Temple, Daianji Temple, Hokkeji Temple, Heijo Palace Site, Akishinodera Temple, Saidaiji Temple, Toshodaiji Temple, Yakushiji Temple etc.
This campaign has started on October 31, 2015. Don’t miss this opportunity!
Be sure to get “exchange ticket” for the one-day bus pass when you buy airport limousine bus bound for Nara. And after arriving in Nara, visit “Nara Kotsu Information Office” located in JR Nara Station or near Kintetsu Nara Station.

Nara Park Nishinokyo One-day Pass

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Kansai Airport Limousine for Nara
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