Activity Reports

Inbound Market Seminar

The Seminar Invited Two speakers;
Mr. Kouichi  KAWAKAMI, the chief manager of the Southbound inc.
Mr. Yoshiaki NAKAMURA, the president of the Japan Inbound Solutions Co., Ltd. 

   On August the 7th (Fri.), the Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion organized the “Inbound Market Seminar” for members of the Foundation and related organizations including tourism companies, hotels and railway companies. The seminar had two speakers, Mr. Kouichi  KAWAKAMI, the chief manager of the Southbound inc. and Mr. Yoshiaki NAKAMURA, the president of the Japan Inbound Solutions Co., Ltd. Mr. KAWAKAMI provided information about the Philippine market and the latest trends of Philippine tourists and Mr. NAKAMURA made a speech about “the vital points to develop Japanese inbound tourism”.

   At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. KAWAKAMI explained some basic information about the Philippines, including population, the GDP and trends of the Philippine market, as well as their feelings toward Japan and national character. According to his prediction, more Filipinos will travel to Japan in the long run as the middle class and affluent upper class in the Philippines increase until around 2050. However, the Philippine travel industry does not have enough information about Japan. Therefore, Philippine travel agents sell standard package tours visiting only major tourist destinations. He also said the most important thing is educating people about the attractions and characteristics of each tourist destination.
   At the beginning of the speech, Mr. NAKAMURA explained the origin of the terms “inbound” and “tourism”. He said “‘Inbound’ should be defined as the comprehensive concept which includes people, things, money, information, and so on, while ‘tourism’ includes business and VFR (Visit Friends and Relatives), as well as leisure. Thus, represents all interchanges that come and go through the borderlines”. He added that a paradigm shift from “inbound 2.0” to “inbound 3.0” was required. Last year, over 13 million tourists came to Japan. With the help of the new tax-free shopping system, the flow of the tourists ranged from urban areas to local areas. He emphasized “Now, we must enter the new phase: “inbound 3.0” which creates societies sustainable beyond this century. ‘Inbound’ is one of the most powerful new businesses. Proper investment is required”.

Mr. Koichi Kawakami
Mr. Yoshiaki Nakamura