Activity Reports

The Thai Market: Fam Trip for Travel Agencies

The Foundation invited three Thai travel agents to a familiarization trip

   The Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion invited three Thai travel agents to a familiarization trip for four days from September the 14th. This trip aimed to help develop and improve optional tours to attract female tourists. The participants visited Nara, Kyoto and Shiga.

   In Nara, they enjoyed Japanese calligraphy, Japanese sake tasting and sushi making, as well as strolling Nara Park. They also visited Uji and Gion in Kyoto to enjoy matcha green tea, sweets & cafes, kimono accessories shops, a famous yudofu (tofu hot pot) restaurant and other attractions. Many participants especially praised Uji in Kyoto for its closely located tourist attractions and attractive townscapes. In Shiga prefecture, they experienced the rich natural environment around Lake Biwa through outdoor activities such as cycling, “Zip Line” (sky walk attraction) in Biwako Valley, canal cruising, and so on. In the business meeting with local travel agents, they agreed on developing optional tours such as staying in a farming village or creating traditional crafts.

   This tour showed that female tourists from Thai enjoyed Japanese food such as matcha and washoku and beautiful scenery of Japanese towns and nature. But at the same time, it revealed the problems such as insufficient transportation or the lack of signboards in multi-languages. The Foundation will continue to develop promotional activities to attract more tourists from Thai, and try to solve the problems in cooperation with other organizations and companies.

*This project was conducted as part of Visit Japan Project in collaboration with Kinki District Transport Bureau.

Japanese calligraphy experience
Powdered green tea experience
Business Meeting