Activity Reports

The Hong Kong Market: Fam Trip for Travel Agencies

The Foundation invited two travel agents in Hong Kong to a familiarization trip 

   The Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion invited two big travel agents in Hong Kong to a familiarization trip from the 8th to 11th of September. Many tourists from Hong Kong visit Japan repeatedly. And many of them arrange their trips based on the information on the Internet. This trip aimed to help develop new travel packages for young singles and young families who like independent tours. We introduced “Japanese Wedding Photo Plan” in Kyoto as an example of an overseas wedding ceremony, which was popular among Hong Kong people, and the participants visited photo shooting locations and shops for rental wedding costumes. The member of Japanese-style Wedding Couincil including Kyoto prefecture govt. held a business meeting, in which Japanese business operators eagerly tried to find out the needs of Hong Kong.

   In Shiga prefecture, the participants experienced the making of Japanese sweets and canoeing, which promoted Japanese traditional culture and magnificent nature of Lake Biwa. These attractions would be popular among independent tourists. We are sure that participants discovered in this trip the allurements of Shiga with great access from Osaka and Kyoto.
   The Foundation will continue to conduct promotional activities to attract the Hong Kong market, as well as following up this promotion.

*This project was conducted as part of Visit Japan Project in collaboration with Kinki District Transport Bureau.

Rental costumes shop
Canoe experience
Japanese sweets making experience