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Autumn of Miyama

The attached are autumn sceneries of Miyama; cosmos flowers, rice stalk, and persimmons blended in with the background of farmhouses with thatched roof.

Miyama is a rural area in the mountains located 1-hour-drive northward from the central Kyoto city. The place is famous for abundant nature and the traditional farmhouses with thatched roof, known as “Kayabuki-yane”. The area has been very popular among tourists as they can experience the traditional, authentic feel of rural Japan!
One of the recommended ways is to take Sonobe-Miyama Excursion Bus. It is available from/to JR Sonobe Sta to/from Miyama (Fee: Adult 2,000yen (Child 1,000) for round-trip). The bus leaves JR Sonobe (west exit) at 10:40 and takes you to Miyama and takes you back to Sonobe at around 16:20.You will have free leisurely time to spend in Miyama town for 3-4 hours. It takes about 40 minutes by JR Sagano Line (Sanin Line) between JR Kyoto and Sonobe.
Details of Sonobe-Miyama Excursion Bus (reservation required)