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Korean Market: Power Blogger’s Familiarization Trip (Four trips were conducted in July and August of 2014)

   Marketing activities in Korea promoted by the Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion for this fiscal year has incorporated “blogs” that are one of the strongest marketing sources to influence Korean travelers. In July and August of 2014 the Foundation organized four familiarization trips and invited Korean power bloggers to enjoy the charms of the Kansai region. Two bloggers participated in each trip and reported the tour events on their blogs. The contents of each tour itinerary are described below:

   Itinerary A was a trip to enjoy the beautiful ocean views in Wakayama and Osaka from July the 14th to July 17th. The participants visited “Wakayama Marina City”, “Universal Studios Japan” and “Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan” by driving a rental car. Universal Studio Japan had just opened the area of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and this was reported in the tour. The blogs by the participants had attracted a considerable amount of attention in Korea.

   Itinerary B was a trip featuring Manga culture from July the 22th to July the 25th. The Foundation selected two participants who presented good proposals prior to selection. The two bloggers visited “Nihon-bashi” in Osaka, “Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum” in Hyogo prefecture and “Kyoto Manga Museum”. They also made a “pilgrimage” through famous towns depicted in popular mangas such as “K-on!” and “The Eccentric Family”;

   Itinerary C was a trip to enjoy the old townscapes in Kyoto and Nara (Uji city, Kyoto city, Omi-hachiman city, and Nara-machi town) and to taste local sweets scheduled from August the 5th to August the 8th. The participants also had fun experiencing summer events such as the “Nara Tokae candle festival” in Nara and “Tanabata Star festival” in Kyoto. The participants wrote about their experiences in their blogs.

   Itinerary D was a trip featuring summer festivals in Tokushima prefecture and Hyogo prefecture from August the 13th to August the 16th. The highlights of the tour included “Awa-Odori dancing”, “Dekansyo Festival” in Tanba-Sasayama city and a festival held by Takarazuka Revue. The participants wrote blogs about the charm of summer festivals in Japan and their first-hand experiences.
*Please refer to the attached list of blog pages participants posted based on their experiences in Kansai. 

Awa Odori Dance Festival
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