Activity Reports

Press Tour in Kyoto City Arranged for Foreign Correspondents

   The Foundation of Kansai Region Promotion conducted a press tour in Kyoto for foreign correspondents stationed in Japan from September 19 to 20. The tour theme was the “Culture of Kyoto on the International Stage” featuring Manga-Anime culture and Kyo-machiya townhouses. In total there were seven journalists who joined the tour from five countries and regions (Italy, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong).
   The tour covered the “Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2014” which is the largest trade fair for Manga and Anime in Western Japan. The tour then visited studios of Kyoto’s traditional crafts; Kyokuro-zome (black dyeing) and Kiyomizu Ware (traditional pottery). These studios have developed new products in collaboration with Manga/Anime characters and themes.

   The tour also covered efforts made by Kyoto city to enhance and promote the cultural charms of Kyoto by preserving/utilizing Kyo-machiya. A highlight of the tour was an interview by reporters with Mr. Daisaku Kadokawa who is the mayor of Kyoto city. In this interview Mr. Kadokawa said “Kyoto has a rich culture that has been nurtured by a long history. In particular we are proud of Kyoto’s craftsmanship that embraces both traditional and modern manufacturing skills including Manga and Anime Culture and Induced Pluripotent Stem cell (iPS) technology, which illustrate two contrasting traditional and modern industries in Kyoto. In city promotion efforts utilizing Manga and Anime, human resource development, marketing and advertising are important and especially Kyoto city will promote business opportunities for local industries to link with Manga and Anime culture. After the press tour an article about the Kyoto International Manga and Anime Fair was featured in an Italian newspaper. Other reports were also published in major papers of China and Taiwan.

Interview with Mayor Kadokawa
Kiyomizuyaki Pottery
Kyoto Int'l Manga Anime Fair (Cosplay Event)