Activity Reports

Inbound Marketing Seminar

   The Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion organized an “Inbound Marketing Seminar” and invited members of the Foundation and travel related business operators in the Kansai region. Two inbound professionals were welcomed as keynote speakers and learned about current relevant inbound topics. The speakers were Mr. Shinjiro Asano and Ms. Nahoko Furuta. Mr. Shinjiro Asano is the president of PT. PMS SINERGI INDONESIA and lectured about the topic “The trend of the travel industry in Indonesia”. Ms. Nahoko Furuta is the Executive Advisor of Gifu Prefecture Government, and presented the principles and skills of inbound strategies under the theme of “Inbound strategies of Gifu prefecture and tactics to drive remarkable success”

   Mr. Asano described the current situation and the hottest trends within the Indonesian travel market. He also explained the difficulties travel agents are now facing in Indonesia. The interests of Indonesian travelers are gradually shifting from group tours, including the “Golden Route”, to independent trips that satisfy travelers own individual needs to enjoy nature, meals and other specialties. That is one of the reasons why it is necessary for Indonesian travel agents to gather more information about the Kansai region to satisfy their customer’s needs.
   Ms. Furuta shared her experience and work done by the Gifu prefecture to develop the charm of the place and to become an appealing travel destination chosen by many travel organizations in foreign countries and Japan. She emphasized that each city should find its own attractions and marketing and advertising must be developed in an appropriate way to feature those attractions. Also she said for tourism promotion tactics and skills in branding and media strategies were essential.

   Visitors from Southeast Asian countries are increasing due to the favorable exchange rate of the yen and relaxations of visa requirements. Audience listened closely to the experience based lectures and the two keynote speakers afterwards answered questions with good interaction between the participants of the seminar.