Activity Reports

Report on Familiarization Trip of Indonesian Travel Companies

 Recently, Indonesian markets have been economically flourishing. For our first effort, we invited executives and trip planners from five leading travel companies from the same market to the Kansai region for a familiarization trip. For eight days beginning on June 1st, we introduced them to the food, culture, and sights of Kansai in general, and also took them to eat Halal food and visit a mosque so that they would know how to make their Muslim customers who visit Kansai feel welcome.

 We took them to visit a hot spring in Fukui and experience the serenity of Enryaku-ji temple on Mount Hiei, early summer’s new leaves in the old capital Kyoto, and the newest cutting-edge technology at Knowledge Capital in Grand Front Osaka. The trip also took a step out of Kansai and visited Tateyama in Toyama prefecture, where participants enjoyed a snowy landscape that could never be found in Indonesia. When we visited Halal restaurants, they didn’t only eat the food, but also gave advice and shared their impressions about the flavor and composition of the dishes with the restaurant staff, so it was a worthwhile exchange for both parties. At every place we visited they had passionate exchanges of opinion with local tourism-related businesses while conducting business talks, and we have high expectations for their product development and ability to send tourists to Kansai.

 The Foundation of Kansai Region Promotion will continue to be proactive in our promotion and marketing activities in order to attract visitors from Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country.

Business Meeting (Shiga)
Kimono Experience (Kyoto)
Takoyaki (Osaka)