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Activity Report of the Foundation (2)-Familiarization Tour for Chinese Travel Media /  (Course 1) Kyoto & Shiga, (Course 2) Hyogo & Osaka Course

 The foundation conducted familiarization tours (Course 1 and 2) for Chinese travel media for five days from Oct. 5, as a part of the Visit Japan project in the Kansai region. The purpose of the tours was to publicize the convenient transportation networks within the major cities, and attractions such as dining and shopping areas in the Kansai region, as well as a local traditional festival organized by residents in an urban neighborhood.

 In Course 1, six travel media reporters from Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen were invited to Kyoto (Kyoto City and Kameoka City) and Shiga (Otsu City) to be informed about popular spots in Kyoto, a representative tourist site in Japan, and a traditional festival of Otsu City, in Shiga, an urban neighborhood easily accessed from Kyoto in 10 minutes. The Otsu Festival dates back to the Edo Period, and has a more than 400 year history. The tour participants not only took close-up photos of the parade of decorated floats; also they experienced pulling the floats themselves. In Kyoto, they experienced the highlights of Kyoto in autumn by visiting an old Japanese sake producer in Kameoka City, the Hozu River for a boat tour, the Arashiyama area, and other spots.

 On the other hand, in Course 2, four staff members of two travel magazines, one based in Beijing and one in Shanghai, were invited to Hyogo and Osaka. In Kobe and Osaka, they visited such places as a popular nail art salon, a sweets shop, a Kobe beef restaurant, and a reasonably-priced kushikatsu (Japanese-style deep-fried kebab) restaurant. In Akashi city, Hyogo, they reported on a traditional autumn festival at Inazume Shrine and also visited a fish auction and Uontana Shopping Arcade. They had an especially wonderful experience at Inazume Shrine, thanks to the considerable understanding and cooperation of the local residents, deepening exchanges with the locals for the two whole days of the festival, Yoimiya and Honmiya.

 The foundation hopes that the tourist spots, gourmet food and traditional festivals of the Kansai region will be widely promoted in China through the reports based on the tour.
Otsu Festival (Shiga)
Inazume Festival (Hyogo)
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