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Activity Report of the Foundation (1)-Familiarization Tour for Korean Media

 In October, the Foundation invited reporters of travel magazines and bloggers from Korea to join a familiarization tour around the Kansai region. It was organized as part of the Foundation’s efforts to promote Kansai’s inbound tourism aimed at the Korean market, which is now mature. The project, designed for magazine reporters and bloggers, aimed to promote Kansai’s attractions more specifically from the Korean people’s viewpoint through their own experiences. Going back to the original purpose of a trip that promised an “extraordinary experience”, groups of 2-3 reporters and bloggers visited places of interest in Kansai under the theme of “refresh” and enthusiastically gathered information following three courses: (1) Tottori and Hyogo, (2) Wakayama and Tokushima, and (3) Mie and Nara.

 They experienced forest therapy, for those seeking to get away from their busy lifestyles, ""power spots,"" which are said to make people healthier and more energetic, including a shrine, as well as bathing in an open spa and sleeping on tatami mats — representative Japanese cultural experiences.

 In the coming months, participants will introduce reports on the refreshing tourism resources of Kansai, Japan, that they could never experience in their daily lives in Korea.

Fam Trip Participants at KIX
Nara Park
Kazura-bashi Bridge (Tokushima)
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