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The Foundation's Activity Report (4) -Foreign Correspondents' Press Tour Featuring ""Traditional Skills"" in Kyoto & Shiga

 The Foundation conducted a press tour for Tokyo-based foreign correspondents on Sep.20 and 21. The tour aimed at providing foreign correspondents with first-hand experiences to cover various topics that are specific to the Kansai Region.

 Under the tour theme of ""Learning New Things from the Past -Traditional techniques utilized in present days-,"" 9 reporters from 5 countries/regions visited Kyoto and Nara. On the first day they covered Nishijin Brocade and Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto (TASK), the only school in Japan developing professionals in craftworks and manufacturing. At TASK, they observed and photographed practical training classes such as Buddha engraving and Japanese lacquer crafts, under the guidance of the Director. On the second day, the tour group traveled to Shiga and met Governor Kada for interviewing and also visited Koka City to report on Shigaraki Ceramics, one of the 6 old kilns in Japan.

 Some participants commented that by joining this press tour, they could deepen their understanding of Japanese traditional crafts and others said that it was wonderful to make efforts to sustain traditional skills and they wanted to introduce reports on such efforts as well as the beautiful craftworks to the world.

 The foundation organizes press tours for foreign correspondents periodically, in cooperation with local governments and other parties concerned in the Kansai Region. Please refer to this web site:
Shigaraki Ceramic (Shiga Pref.)
Traditional Arts Super College Kyoto (Kyoto Pref.)
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