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The Foundation's Activity Report (3) -Int'l Travel Fair in Malaysia

 From Sep.7 to 9, the Foundation participated in ""MATTA Fair Kuala Lumpur 2012"" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to promote the attractiveness of the Kansai Region of Japan.

 MATTA Fair, organized by MATTA(the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents), is an international travel fair designed for the general public of Malaysia. It is a year-round event held in major cities but the ones held in Kuala Lumpur in every March and September are the largest in scale and the package tours planned by travel agents, flight tickets and advertisements by foreign countries/regions are available at the fair.

 At the Kansai PR booth, decorated prominently with a large map of Kansai, leaflets and guide maps of 10 prefectures and 4 major cities of the region were displayed to introduce tourist attractions.

 The number of visitors during the 3-day-fair was about 90,000 in total, a 12 percent increase compared with that of last year and demonstrating the high level of interest in travel among Malaysian people. Also about two thirds of the visitors to the Kansai booth were women and it seemed that women have consuming power in Malaysia, similarly to other markets. Many visitors showed especial interest in Kyoto and Osaka, and they picked up leaflets asking for the details of railway information etc.

 The foundation hopes that, as a result of this promotion project, more Malaysian people will choose the Kansai region as their travel destination.

MATTA Fair (Kansai Booth)
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