Activity Reports

Familiarization Trip for Malaysian Media

 The Foundation invited Malaysian media to a familiarization trip to introduce attractive spots and topics in Kansai from Oct.27 through Nov.1.
 The invited media, Am Leisure Media, a travel magazine company, has the largest circulation in Malaysia, which publishes 40,000 copies in Chinese in the odd months and 35,000 in English in the even months. Three from the company, an editor, a writer and a cameraman, were invited for this trip that visited Shiga, Hyogo, Tottori and Osaka.

 In Shiga, they visited Enryakuji temple on Mt. Hiei, Lake Biwa (Cruise ship “Michigan”), and MIHO MUSEUM, and also they enjoyed a dinner of Omi Beef, a representative delicacy of Shiga. In Hyogo, they experienced Izushi soba (buckwheat noodle) making and Kinosaki Onsen, a hot spring resort located in the northern part of the prefecture. In Tottori, they toured Tottori Sand Dunes, Sand Museum, and Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum and stayed at a traditional Japanese ryokan with a lot of atmosphere in Misasa Onsen resort. Also they covered “Detective Conan” and “Gegege no Kitaro”, representatives of Japanese anime popular not only in Japan but also around the world, whose authors were from Tottori prefecture. They visited Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory and Mizuki Shigeru Museum. After spending one day in Osaka, they departed from Kansai International Airport.

 This fam trip covered a wide area of Kansai with lots of things to see. Participants' enthusiastic reporting was so impressive that we were sure that they made fuller better use of this opportunity and understood well the history, culture, food and nature of Kansai.
[Photo] Left: Mt.Hiei Visit, Right: Mizuki Shigeru Museum Visit