Activity Reports

Familiarization Trip and Business Meeting for Korean Travel Agencies

[Course 1 (Tottori/Hyogo) ]
 From Sep.27 through Oct.1, The Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion organized a familiarization trip designed for Korean travel agencies to provide them with opportunities to experience various tourism resources centered on “foods” of the Kansai region and to help them in planning travel products that include those tourism resources. The invited four staff members of Korean travel agencies entered Japan at Yonago Airport (Tottori Prefecture) and inspected spots in Tottori on the 1st and 2nd day, and spots in Hyogo on the 3rd and 4th day of the itinerary and they departed from Kansai International Airport.

 Throughout their inspections in San-in region (Tottori and Northern Hyogo), they were moved tremendously by kaiseki meal featuring the local seafood and the heartfelt hospitality extended to them at a Japanese style ryokan in a hot spring resort.  In Kobe, they enjoyed Kobe Beef with local vegetables after being briefed on the secrets of the meltingly delicious taste by a chef cooking in front of them. They were all appalled at the daintiness.   
[Course 2 (Wakayama/Osaka) ]
 From Oct. 7 through 11, The Foundation organized a familiarization trip for five staff members of major Korean travel agencies in Wakayama and Osaka, featuring tourism resources centered on “foods” of the prefectures with the aim of helping them in planning travel products that include those tourism resources.

 Participants entered Japan at Kansai International Airport and visited Wakayama on the 1st and 2nd day and Osaka on the 3rd and 4th day of the itinerary and departed from Kansai International Airport. At Katsuura Onsen hot spring resort in Wakayama, they observed a tuna-opening/cleaning-show and tried freshly-sliced tuna. All of them were so satisfied with local foods, mainly fresh sea foods. Also, in Kumano region of Wakayama, they experienced a “healing journey” such as dressing in a pilgrimage costume of Heian era at Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine and experiencing a part of old pilgrimage route under the guidance of a local guide on history, culture and nature of Kumano region. In Osaka, local foods such as Takoyaki and Kushikatsu were introduced and a visit to Japanese sake brewery was arranged with the aim of appealing the food culture special to the region. Also, in Inunakisan Onsen, a hot spring resort located in southern Osaka, female members were greatly impressed by the spring quality.
 In both of the two itineraries, business meetings with local tourism related business operators were organized. Both Korean participants and local business operators appreciated the opportunities as they could have fruitful talks in small groups in relaxed atmosphere.
[Photo] Left: Business meeting with local parties concerned, Center: Kobe Beef restaurant, Right: Tuna-opening show