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Kansai Airport -Aiming to be the first Muslim-friendly airport in Japan

 In recent years the number of inbound tourists from Southeast Asia has been increasing. Especially the growth in the number of tourists from Malaysia and Indonesia, many of whom are Muslim has been remarkable. From this November, Air Asia X increases their operations between Kansai and Kuala Lumpur from four times weekly to daily and Garuda Indonesia begins offering direct flights between Kansai and Jakarta, thus the number of visitors to Japan from Southeast Asia is expected to grow more than ever. Kansai International Airport (KIX) is now taking the actions to help Muslim visitors feel more comfortable within the airport, especially in the areas of meals and worship.

 As a part of their efforts, they are expanding the number of prayer rooms. Currently the airport has one prayer room in the public area of the Terminal 1, fourth floor. 3 more prayer rooms will be completed by March 2014; one in the public area of the Terminal 1, third floor and the other two in international departure gate area of the Terminal 1, north and south wing each respectively. All prayer rooms and ablution spaces for use before praying will be separated by gender.

 Regarding meal, for visitors who wish to have halal meals, they have started a service to provide halal meals (photo left: meal sample) at VIP room at Terminal 1, Group Hall at Observation Hall Sky View, and other places (advanced reservation is required).
Also, there are two “halal certified” restaurants (The U-DON, Terminal 1, second floor, and ORAGASOBA, Aero Plaza, third floor), although they offer alcohol. KIX also has 15 restaurants that prepare pork-free and alcohol-free menu.
 Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport, located within the airport's Aero Plaza, a short walk from both passenger terminal and train station, has started their services for Muslim guests, too. They display Qibla (direction of Mecca) in the closet of all guest rooms and they offer prayer equipments such as prayer mats and clothes at guests’ requests (photo center and right).

 KIX provide trainings for all employees on Islam, Islamic laws, and their customs so that they can deepen their understanding about them. KIX aims to be a Muslim-friendly airport that provides fine service and hospitality. 

Contact : Kansai Airport