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The season of autumn leaves has come! Tips on nice viewing spots -Ginkgo Trees along Midosuji Boulevard

[Ginkgo trees along Midosuji Boulevard glowing gold special to autumn season]

Midosuji Boulevard, a national road, connecting four kilometers between Umeda and Namba in central Osaka, is lined with many high-rise buildings of banks and companies representing Osaka. City Subway Midosuji Line is running below ground and the area is widely known as a modern business center representing a merchant city, Osaka. Along both sides of the boulevard, ginkgo trees stand and in late November through mid December every year, the trees turn the boulevard gold. It is said the timing is the most beautiful season of the area and it is a wonderful spot for a stroll. In an illumination event “Mido-suji Illumination 2013” starting on December 1, the ginkgo trees along Mido-suji Boulevard are beautifully decorated with illuminations welcoming visitors in appearance different from daytime.
*Location: Between Umeda, Kita-ku and Namba, Chuou-ku, Osaka City
*Stations: JR Osaka Station, Osaka City Subway Umeda Station, Yodoyabashi Station, Hommachi Station, Shinsaibashi Station, Namba Station etc