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The season of autumn leaves has come! Tips on nice viewing spots -Eigenji Temple, Shiga

[Eigenji Temple, Shiga]

It is a temple of Rinzai sect of Buddhism, located in Higashiomi city of Shiga prefecture. The approach to the temple site is lined with maple trees and the temple has been famous for the beautiful colored leaves. The big roof of the main hall where the principal image of Yotsugi-kannon, the Deity of Mercy is enshrined, is covered with reed grown by Lake Biwa and is noted as one of the largest scale thatched roofs in Japan. The fantastic scenery created by burning red leaves, big thatched-roof, temple gate, and stone paved approach, all of which are in perfect harmony, is worth seeing.

*Expected best season of autumn leaves at the temple: November
*Location: Eigenji-Takano-cho 41, Higashi-Omi City, Shiga Prefecture
*Access: Take bus from Yokaichi Station of Omi Railway Yokaichi Line. About 35 min. by bus to the temple
*Entrance Fee: 500 yen
Contact : Eigen-ji Temple