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The season of autumn leaves has come! Tips on nice viewing spots -Mt. Yoshino, Nara

In November, in late autumn, trees are ablaze with autumn colors like red and golden yellow. In the Kansai region, there are many places famous for autumn leaves viewing. Highly recommended here are four spots in Kansai.
[Mt. Yoshino, Nara]

Mt. Yoshino is located roughly in the center of Nara Prefecture. Though the place exudes an image of a cherry-blossom-viewing-spot, Mt. Yoshino, designated as National Park, is blessed with abundant nature and has flowers and greens for all four seasons. Especially autumn leaves turn the whole mountain burning red, orange and gold, in total contrast to pale pink in spring. Fantastic illumination event is also planned in November.
*Expected best season of autumn leaves: November
*Illumination event:November 9 (Sat.) to 24 (Sun.), 2013(17:00-21:00)
*Illumination spots:Shimo-senbon area (near Nanamagari-zaka), Naka-senbon area (near Gorobe Tea House)
*Access to Mt. Yoshino from Osaka: About 75 min. from Abenobashi Station (Osaka) by Kintetsu Ltd. Express Train

Contact : Mt. Yoshino Tourists Association