Activity Reports

Familiarization trip for Chinese media implemented – 2

 We carried out a familiarization trip for Chinese media from August 26 through 30. This year we are involved in PR activities to publicize the attractiveness of food in the Kansai area, which is our activity theme. The trip was implemented as part of our PR activities. We invited staff members from two magazine companies that frequently publish information on high-grade gourmet cuisines, and three renowned food bloggers. They were separated into two groups and undertook information gathering to explore the attractiveness of food in the Kansai area.

 In addition, prompted by the development in China of an environment for browsing our website “Kansai Window,” we shot videos of various foods for introduction on said website. Since blogs and videos on the Web attract a great deal of attention in China, we will use several media tools, in addition to paper advertisement, to dispatch information, thereby more widely introducing the attractiveness of Kansai area foods.
 During the familiarization trip, the participants tried various foods, ranging from local specialties to B-class gourmet cuisines. All were very impressed, not only by the excellent taste of these foods, but also by the warm welcome provided by the people in the Kansai region. The bloggers repeatedly transmitted information on the spot. For videos, we were given the opportunity to enter the kitchens of restaurants and listen to the words of their chefs. This seemed to help the participants enrich their understanding of Japanese food culture; moreover, the trip greatly enhanced their understanding of Japanese appreciation toward food.

 We intend to continue effective promotion activities for the Chinese market, while evaluating this PR project.