Activity Reports

Familiarization trip for Chinese media implemented – 1

 The Foundation invited four persons in charge of editing Zennippon –Japanese Style, a booklet published in Shanghai, China, on a familiarization trip of six days from August 5. Included in the monthly magazine “The Bund” as a special edition, Zennippon has a reputation for reporting the latest Japan. In China, 0.8 million copies of Zennippon are issued every three months.

 The report theme of the trip is “Food in the Kansai area.” The editors gathered information about food materials, the natural environment in which food materials have been cultivated, and food culture in Kyoto, Osaka, Shiga and Fukui Prefectures. They expressed particular interest in the beautiful water environment around the Jizo River, the natural habitat of baikamo (Ranunculus nipponicus var. submersuis) and Biwa trout, and in the original Japanese landscape of Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture.

 They also listened intently to the explanations of how food materials in various areas around the nation were delivered to ancient capital Kyoto via the Saba Kaido (old mackerel highway) linking Fukui, Shiga and Kyoto, and how those materials were transformed into delicate tea-ceremony dishes and Kyoto-style confectioneries.

 In Osaka and Shiga, the editors visited Japanese sake breweries to hear the owners’ words regarding Japanese sake and the Japanese food culture, as well as their passion for brewing sake.

 Articles based on the editors’ reports are scheduled for publication in mid-October as a special booklet of 20 pages.