Activity Reports

Proposals on Kansai tours using Thailand-to-Kansai flights via Taipei, operated by TransAsia Airways, Taiwan

 Due to a “Japanese boom” in Thailand and visa exemption measures for short stays in Japan, the number of visitors from Thailand to Japan is increasing drastically. As it becomes difficult to secure seats on existing flights, TransAsia Airways, an airline of Taiwan that has been in service in Japan since last year, has focused attention on increasing visitors from Thailand to Japan. They have proposed that Thai travel agencies arrange tours using flights from Thailand to the Kansai area via Taipei (overnight stay in Taipei on the outward trip) operated by this airline.

 To promote the proposal, TransAsia Airways in collaboration with the Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion, invited Thai travel and media agencies to the Kansai and implemented a familiarization trip to introduce various places in the area. The itinerary of the trip included major tourist spots in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area, as well as a temple associated with Ikkyu, inspiration of the Japanese anime “Ikkyu-san,” which is popular in Thailand as well, and Amanohashidate in the northern part of Kyoto. Participants showed keen interest in the history, culture and tourism products in the Kansai area.

 We expect that Thai agency participants in the trip will plan and market tour packages to the Kansai area, attracting many more Thai visitors to the Kansai.