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Nara Tokae, a special summer event in the ancient city of Nara(Aug.5-14)

 In Nara, an ancient Japanese capital with an ancient shadow in abundant natural environment, this year’s Nara Tokae is being held (from August 5 to 14).
 In this event organized by a local NPO, Nara Park, which is surrounded by World Heritage Sites including Todai-ji Temple and Kofukuji Temple, is filled and lit up with candles, creating a fantastic and mysterious atmosphere. This event celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. It has become a part of the summer scene in Nara.
 "Toka" is a lump of wax in the shape of a flower that forms at the top of a candlewick. Buddhists consider that it brings good luck. While praying for the happiness of all visitors, the candles are all lit one after another. Come and enjoy the vast green environment of Nara Park and the illumination of candle flowers blooming in this historical city! You won’t experience such a mysterious atmosphere sightseeing in the daytime.
[Event Schedule]
19:00-21:45 from Monday, August 5 to Wednesday, August 14.

[Venues] -Please check the web site below for the details as the days for light-up are different by locations
Ukimido, Ukigumoenchi -Photo-, Sarusawaike Pond, Kofuku-ji Temple, Nara National Museum, Todai-ji Temple, Kasugataisha Shrine, Kasuganoenchi, Sarusawaike Pond & Gojunidan, Asajigaoka
Walk or bus from Kintetsu Nara or JR Nara Station
From the stations, take bus either of the following buses; Kasugataisha-honden Iki, City Loop Line, and Takabatake-cho Iki bus
[Major venues and the nearest bus stops]

Ukigumoenchi, Kasuganoenchi, Todai-ji Temple
[Bus Stop]Daibutsu-den Kasuga-taisha mae

Asajigaoka, Ukimido
[Bus Stop]Kasuga-taisha Omotesando

Kasugataisha Shrine
[Bus Stop]Kasugataisha-honden

Nara National Museum
[Bus Stop]Himurojinja Shrine / Kokuritsu Hakubutukan-mae(Nara National Museum mae)
Sarusawaike Pond