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Visit the Kyoto State Guest House

Do you know one of the Japan’s State Guest House is in Kyoto? The State Guest House is a national reception facility to welcome foreign dignitaries with Japan’s finest OMOTENASHI. There are two State Guest Houses in Japan. One is in Tokyo and the other is located on the premise of the Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden, a popular tourists' spot in the city center of Kyoto.

Here is GOOD NEWS for international tourists to Kyoto!!
From Feb.6 through 23 (closed on Wednesdays), a guided tour in English is available for a fee (1,500 yen) at the Kyoto State Guest House.
For those who wish to join the tour need reservation in advance on the web
Maximum number of visitors is 34 persons per day.
Meeting time is 12:00 (noon) and time required for the tour is around 90 minutes.
Please experience the great state facility of Kyoto, Japan!
(FYI) Kyoto State Guest House
The facility is built in a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese architecture and interior design with a variety of traditional arts and crafts such as lacquering, Nishijin woven silks, bamboo work and so on.  Especially the garden designed in an ancient Japanese garden design form which stresses “Teioku-Ichinyo” or “feeling of oneness of house and garden” is a “MUST” see!