Activity Reports

Foreign Correspondents Press Tour

Foreign Correspondents Press Tour Visited Nara
The Foundation of Kansai Region Promotion conducted a press tour in Nara for foreign correspondents stationed in Japan from October 13-14. The tour theme was the “From Nara to the World! Japanese Heart and Skill”, featuring Shikinen-zoutai Ceremony of Kasuga Taisha Shrine, NAFIC, a newly opened food and agricultural college, and Kitora tumulus, as well as an interview with Governor Arai.
At Kasuga Taisha Shrine, correspondents joined and covered “Osunamochi” sand replacing ceremony, a part of Shikinen-zoutai and also met Mr. Nagateru Tanigami, a hinoki cypress bark roof craftman to be briefed on the characteristics of the roof and the main sanctuary building.
On the second day, the tour visited NAFIC, Nara Agriculture and Food International College, and met Mr. Hirotoshi Hiramatsu, school director and chairman of HIRAMATSU. 
Some of the correspondents from 5 countries/regions who joined the tour published their articles based on the tour immediately after the tour. Others including Chinese economic paper and Hong Kong international magazine are scheduled to write feature articles on Nara. The parties concerned feel confident that “the Heart and Skill” of Nara is disseminated widely throughout the world by those articles.