Activity Reports

The Chinese Market: World Travel Fair 2016

Exhibition at SHANGHAI World Travel Fair 2016
   The Foundation for Kansai Region Promotion participated in the SHANGHAI World Travel Fair 2016 (SWTF 2016) held in Shanghai Exhibition Center for 4 days starting from May 19th. The Foundation set up a Kansai PR booth and provided tourists’ information of to visitors using flyers and brochures of each prefecture/city and tourists spots of Kansai.

   SWTF is organized by Shanghai Tourist Administration and this year marks the 13th year. 750 organization from some 50 countries and regions had information booth at the Fair. Visitors numbered 11,157 of industry players and 41,500 of general visitors. Regardless of bad weather on weekend, the Kansai PR booth was crowded with visitors interested in traveling to Japan. The Kansai PR booth provided visitors with opportunities to experience Maccha green tea and Japanese tea. Many of those who experienced said that they wished to travel to Japan to enjoy Maccha in real Japan in the future. In responses we received from visitors, about 40 percent of visitors to Kansai PR booth had traveled to Kansai before, about 80 percent know of Kansai, and 90 percent answered they desired to visit Kansai. The responses indicated that Kansai brand was becoming popular among Chinese people.

  The Foundation will continue to develop marketing strategies for the Chinese market to increase Chinese visitors in accordance with the market trend.
*This project was conducted as part of the “Visit Japan Project” in collaboration with Kinki District Transport Bureau.