Activity Reports

Foreign Correspondents Press Tour

Foreign Correspondents Press Tour Visited Ise-Shima of Mie
   The Foundation of Kansai Region Promotion conducted a press tour in Mie for foreign correspondents stationed in Japan from April 4 to 5. The tour theme was the “Upcoming Ise-Shima Summit! Press Tour in Mie –Conserving and Maximizing the Blessings of Nature-”, featuring Ise-Shima region of Mie Prefecture.

   Eikei Suzuki, governor of Mie, introduced the Isejingu Shrine as a representative spot of Mie, emphasizing its spiritual nature of embracing rich diversity. Also he highlighted the fishing of Ama that pursued sustainability. In the Q&A session, correspondents raised a lot of questions, which include those about how the prefecture welcomed G7 leaders, the economic ripple effect of the meeting, the acquisition of Sharp by Hon Hai, a Taiwan company, his plan to take paternity leaves and more. Governor Suzuki answered each question politely taking enough time.

   The tour covered major spots of Ise-Shima National Park with a staff of Ministry of Environment as a guide. Kashikojima island, the main venue of this year’s G7 meeting, is located within the Park. Also the tour interviewed with a director of Shima City in charge of creating rich coastal area called as “satoumi”, visited a pearl producing/processing/retailing company, and Mie Prefecture Fisheries Research Institute to be briefed on the latest research activities of Ise-ebi lobster and Super Akoya Oyster.

   Almost all of the correspondents from 6 countries/regions who joined the tour published their articles based on the tour immediately before and after G7 Meeting in May. The parties concerned feel confident that the attractiveness of Mie was disseminated widely throughout the world.