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Kobe Nankin-machi

Kobe Nankin-machi


More than 100 of various stores including restaurants and grocery shops line up in an area of 300 m from east to west, and 100 m from north to south. China Town is always bustling with people. Once you step into the town from magnificent Choanmon gate in the west end, there is a tantalizing smell. You can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine or even fast food. Also, all sorts of Chinese ingredients are available at nearby grocery shops.


Place zipcode650-0023 Sakae-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
Telephone 078-332-2896
Remark open year-around (but many shops and restaunrants are closed on Monday and Tuesday)
Access 3 min. walk from JR /Hanshin Motomachi Stn.
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Kobe Nankin-machi

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