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Meriken Park/Harbor Land

Meriken Park/Harbor Land


Now being reconstructed, Meriken Park had been a landing place of foreign cargoes when the Port of Kobe opened. It is where Kobe Port tower and Port of Kobe Earthquake memorial Park are both located. The western side of Meriken Park is called Harbor Land, an entertainment complex where people enjoy shopping, recreation, and gourmet food eateries all at one place. You can also enjoy cruising around Kobe Port.


Place zipcode650-0042 Hatoba-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City
Telephone 078-360-3639(Kobe Harbor Land Information)
Access 8 min. walk from JR Kobe Stn. /Subway Harborland Stn. /Minatomotomachi Stn.
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Kobe Harbor Land

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