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"Happiness Corridor NaraRurie"

Corridor is a passageway that surrounds the buildings and inner gardens of shrines and temples. 
They are used to go around the grounds of the shrines and temples.
Shiawase (happiness) refers to putting the creased (shiwa) palms of your hands together (awase).
Ancient Japanese naturally performed this gesture towards things they feared or revered.
Even today, you will still see people closing their eyes and bowing their heads as they put their palms together, blending in naturally with the scenery of Nara. Part of that scenery is the deep blue of lapis lazuli, which was considered holy and one of the ultimate colors, and entranced the people of Japan as a precious gemstone brought to the country by the Silk Road.
Happiness Corridor NaraRurie is carried out in the early spring to encourage special night visits to three of Nara’s most well-known shrines and temples: Kasugataisha Shrine, Kofukuji Temple, and Todaiji Temple.
The fantastical corridor of light will invite visitors into the beautiful world of Rurie. By placing your palms together at the shrine and temples, we hope your heart will be purified and you will find happiness, and hope these many small prayers will combine into greater prayers for peace in the world, and for the stars to continue to shine with their beautiful azure light forever.
February 14 (Wednesday) is also the 138th birthday of Nara Park. A birthday concert and fireworks will be held, starting at 19:00.
Please come and experience Happiness Corridor NaraRurie, where visitors to Nara will be bathed in beautiful, gentle light.
■Event Details
[Dates] February 8 (Thursday) to February 14 (Wednesday), 2018
(some areas have an entrance fee)
[Time] 18:00–21:00 (times for illumination)
[Location] Nara Park (Nara City)
[Access] 5-minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station
20-minute walk from JR Nara Station
[Sponsor] NaraRurie Executive Committee
[Website] http://rurie.jp/en/
[Contact Information]
NaraRurie Executive Committee Secretariat