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“Tokushima Marathon 2018” registration begins!

“Tokushima Marathon 2018” will be held on Sunday, March 25th, 2018. The guest runners are Mizuki Noguchi, a gold medalist of the ladies’ marathon in the Athens Olympic Games 2004, and Hiromi Taniguchi, a gold medalist of the men’s marathon in the World Championships in Athletics in 1991. They will run through Spring Awaji roads full of nature with the grand sight of Yoshino River. Maximus running time is 7 hours. This course is suitable for those running their first marathon because the course is very flat.
Wave (time difference) start will be adopted this time too, in the effort to operate the marathon from the runners’ perspective. In addition, “fun running,” which elementary school students and older can participate in will be held on March 24th, a day before the marathon.
“Tokushima Marathon” features, as usual, rousing cheer along the running road including Awa dancing and extra hospitality after the run such as the servicing of sobagome-jiru which is a soup made with local ingredients.
Total capacity is 15,000 runners. The allocation is as follows: 14,300 runners by internet application, 500 by postal money transfer and 200 from abroad. The registration begins on Tuesday, November 14th!

Contact: Tokushima Marathon Executive Committee
              (Festivity Planning Division, Tokushima Prefectural Government) +81-88-621-2150