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Mitsuki Umashi Festival - Autumn 2017 Heijokyo Tenpyosai

    The Mitsuki Umashi Festival is an autumn festival where one can savor sake and food from Nara,
    admire the beauty of flowers, and enjoy ancient events such as music and dance.
   “Mitsuki” is an ancient word which means to make an offering of harvested food, flowers, music, etc.
    to all those we respect.
    The word “umashi” can be taken to mean both “beautiful” and “delicious.”
    ■  Date & Time:
        Friday, November 3 – Sunday, November 5, 2017
        10 am – 4 pm
        Free entry
        Festival will be cancelled in case of stormy weather
        (Partial cancellation in case of rain)
    ■  Venue:
        Heijo Palace Site (Nara City)  
    ■ Main programs:
      ○Heijokyo Tenpyo Festival Original Seal Booklet For Sale
       The cover is decorated with a konpen, a ceremonial robe worn by the Emperor and Empress
       on important ceremonial occasions.
       The material is a modern recreation of that used in the Tempyo period. A special limited-edition red seal
       with be stamped into your booklet at the time of purchase.
       Price: 2,000 yen (tax incl.)
       No. of booklets on sale: 2,600 (Gold, 1,300; Silver, 1,300)
      ○Tenpyo Flower Picture Scroll
        This picture scroll of flowers illustrates how the people of Heijo, which was then the capital of Japan,
         once swaggered through the city. The ideas of Mitsuki and the world described
         in the ancient “Manyoshu” poetry collection are also expressed here.
     ○Tenpyo Market for Food and Crafts
         Delicious Nara foods from famous local shops are available here, you can also try your hand at crafts.
     ○Sake Banquet / Meat Banquet
         Enjoy this banquet area that features Nara sake and meat.
      ○Tenpyo Miketsukuni Market
         Products from the provinces of Wakasa, Shima, and Awaji, known as the “Miketsukuni”
         or “Imperial Food Provinces”, which supplied a wealth of foodstuffs full of regional varieties
         to Heijokyo, are exhibited and sold here along with local Nara products.

      ■  Access:
         Approx. 15 min-walk from Kintetsu Yamato-Saidaiji Station.
        (Free shuttle bus to the venue.)
        The “Gurutto bus” service listed below is convenient for guests coming from JR Nara Station.
     ■  Organizers:
        Heijo Palace Site Invigoration Executive Committee, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
       Contact: Heijokyo Tenpyosai Executive Committee Tel: 0742-25-0707
       Website: http://www.tenpyosai.jp/