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Illumination at "Nabana no Sato!" Beautiful Shines! the biggest scale in Japan!

    "Nabana no Sato Illumination" is back! This is the 14th year of illumination at "Nabana no Sato
    (Kuwana city, Mie)!" 
    The access is easy both from Nagoya and Osaka!
    People from across the country come see the illumination and it light up not only during the time
    of Christmas, but it also run through the time of Cherry blossoms and Japanese plums.
    The Huge scale of illumination and the collaboration of flowers are the must see!
    Please enjoy the illumination and enjoy the romantic night in Mie!
    Also, the Japan's largest outlet "Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima" is just 10 min by car
    from "Nabana no Sato." (The shuttle bus is available.) This outlet has approximetly 300 stores
    and it was just expanded to this scale in this fall. The amusement park"Nagashima Spaland", Onsen,
    and hot stone spa (Yuami no Shima) are also available in the area!

   【Dates】:October 14 (Sun), 2017 ~ May 6 (Sun), 2018
                   ※until 22:00 depend on season and day

  【Venue】  :Nabana no Sato

  〈By train&bus〉20 minutes by train from Kintetsu "Nagoya Station" to  Kintetsu "Nagashima Station"
           10 minutes by direct bus from Kintetsu "Nagashima Station" for "Nabananosato"
         (During the time of illumination)
        〈By Car〉        Take Isewangan Express way and exit at Wangan Nagashima IC,
                                  Drive north about 10 min, from the exit.

【Admission fee】    2,300 yen/person 
                                 ※with a 1,000 yen premium ticket valid within the park

【Contact】:Nabana no Sato
【Phone】  : +81-594-41-787
【URL】     :http://www.nagashima-onsen.co.jp/nabana/illumination/time_price.html/