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The 32nd national cultural festival 2017 and the 17th national disabilities’ arts and culture festival in Nara

    Events will be cheered up by both handicapped and non-handicapped people together!

   Two of Japan’s largest events “the 32nd national cultural festival 2017” and “the 17th national
   disabilities’ arts and culture festival” will be held together in Nara Prefecture for the first time
   in the country from Friday, September 1st to Thursday, November 30th.
   These events consist of five major projects: General festival of opening ceremony and closing ceremony.
   Symposium project such as a forum to discuss the future of Nara and Japanese culture.
   International exchange project which holds seminars related to music, dance, cooking, fashion and food of
   the world.
   Disabilities’ exchange program, which both handicapped and non-handicapped people can enjoy, such as
   exhibitions, stage performances and film festivals.
   Arts and cultural individual festivals which will be held at all cities, towns and villages in the prefecture
   under eight themes.
   Both handicapped and non-handicapped people will promote new culture from Nara so that the powerful
   brand of Nara, which is the birthplace of Japanese culture, will be advertised abroad toward Tokyo 2020
   Olympic and Paralympic Games.
    At the same time, the 4th “Nara Arts Festival” will be held throughout the prefecture under the theme of
   “Brighten up Nara by the Power of Culture!” to spice up Nara in the fall together with other events
     mentioned above.
    Please visit http://nara-kokushoubun.jp, official twitter, facebook and instagram (only in Japanese)
    for details.
    An official guide book is also available for detailed information.
    Contact: Executive committee of Kokubunsai/Shobunsai 2017
    Phone: +81-742-27-8478