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Yata Fire Festival from Worship to Festival

The Yata Fire Festival is regarded as a festival that leads people to happiness. It was derived from a legend that a sacred crow, a messenger of one of Kumano’s deities, Yatagarasu, led Emperor Jimmu to the right path when the emperor was lost deep in the mountains of Kumano.

On the day of the fire festival, after Shinto rituals are performed at the main hall of Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine, a traditional procession makes its way to Oyunohara, where the shrine was originally located, with the portable shrine carrying a flame. This is then followed by a performance of Japanese drums, and ends with a colorful fireworks display in the night sky.
■ Date: Saturday, August 26, 2017
■ Venue: Oyunohara, original location of Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine (Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture)

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