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Shiga and Lake Biwa: A Japan Heritage ”Lake Biwa and Its Surroundings - A Water Heritage Site of Life and Prayer”

Ukimidou Hall (Mangetsuji Temple), Tatebe-taisha Temple, Eigenji Temple, mountain village scenery of Oku-eigenji and etc. are added to the cultural properties of the Japan Heritage “Lake Biwa and Its Surroundings - A Water Heritage Site of Life and Prayer.”

Ukimidou Hall (Mangetsuji Temple) was built in the lake by a priest in the Heian era for safe lake trips and reliefs to humanity. It has been worshipped locally as an expression of serious prayer for water. Tatebe-taisha Temple is the best shrine in the Omi region (current Shiga Prefecture) where “Senkousai” festival is held in August of every year. The festival is to express gratitude for the gift of water based on the old story that Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, the enshrined deity, travelled over the lake.

In honor of enhanced Japan Heritage with additional cultural properties, a tourism campaign “Shiga and Lake Biwa, Japan Heritage, Culture of Water Gurutto Expo” will begin in October this year. During this campaign which will take place until March next year, you may discover the attractiveness of “Shiga and Lake Biwa” through many events such as hands-on programs to feel water culture of prayer and life in various places in the prefecture and special exhibitions in temples and shrines.
Please come and enjoy.

Dates:  October 2017 to March 2018
Place:Various places in Shiga Prefecture
Contact:Japan Heritage “Water Culture” Tourism Promotion Council
Phone: +81-77-511-1530