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Trip to experience Japan Heritage, “Culture of Water,” around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture

 Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, is a habitat for many endemic species. In particular, Biwa trout, koayu, nigoro-buna, three-lips, willow gudgeon, isaza goby, urori, and lake prawn, are precious fish of Lake Biwa, called biwako-hatchin (Lake Biwa’s eight unique fishes).
 Funa-zushi, a Shiga traditional local food and a representative delicacy of Japan, is made from nigoro-buna, which is said to be an origin of sushi. Nigoro-buna caught in spring are pickled with salt and then pickled with rice in summer to be fermented. This piece of wisdom to preserve lots of lake fish swimming upriver in their spawning season for more than one year, and is deeply related to festivals and traditional events held to pray for a good harvest.
With a culture of water and diet, a culture of water and lifestyle, and a culture of water and prayer cultivated by the lake, “Lake Biwa and its Surrounding Waters” has been designated as a Japan Heritage—stories that pertain to Japan's culture and traditions and originate with the historical appeal and characteristics of a region. In autumn 2017, the major prefecture-wide event “Shiga and Lake Biwa, Japan Heritage, Culture of Water Gurutto Expo” will be held. Shiga’s attractive water heritage now draws a huge amount of attention.
 Why don’t you visit the Japan Heritage site around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture and enjoy the unique local cuisine and feel the culture of water, which reflects Japanese lifestyles and prayers? We assure you that you will have a wonderful trip by experiencing Japanese culture more deeply.

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