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Sightseeing ship Naomasa, inspired by the famous samurai lord, starts operation ~Lake Biwa, Shiga~

 A sightseeing ship with its theme inspired by Ii Naomasa, the samurai lord from the Warring States period, will start full-scale operation on March 1, 2017. It will be used for cruises including those to Chikubu Island, a sacred place in Lake Biwa which has been the focus of people’s worship since ancient times.
The interior and exterior designs of the sightseeing ship Naomasa feature an eye-catching crimson tint, recalling images of the Ii clan whose warriors, resplendent in red armor, fought valiantly through the age of provincial wars. The ship also displays the family emblem of the Ii clan.
   Hikone Castle, built by the Ii clan, is one of the castles that represent Japan and its castle keep is a National Treasure. The castle, as well as the existing villa and daimyo (feudal lord) garden of the Ii clan, retains the distinctive atmosphere of the Edo period and attracts many tourists both from Japan and around the world as a popular tourism site.
 This year marks the 410th anniversary of the establishment of Hikone Castle. Commemorating this, the “National Treasure Hikone Castle 410th Anniversary Festival” is being held until December 10. During the festival, special inventive exhibitions and various other events will take place in the watchtowers of Hikone Castle.Lake Biwa in Shiga is home to abundant historical and cultural resources, and is a recommended place to visit.
[Sightseeing ship Naomasa]
■  Operation period: March 1 – the first Sunday of December
■  Course (Chikubu Island cruise): Hikone Port → Chikubu Island → Hikone Port
■  Access to Hikone Port: A 15 min. bus ride from JR Hikone Station; get off at Hikone-ko bus stop. Free shuttle bus service available from the west gate of JR Hikone Station.
■  Round trip fare (Chikubu Island cruise): Adult \3,000 Elementary school student \1,500
■  Inquiries: Ohmi Marine
 HP:  http://www.ohmitetudo.co.jp/marine/
 Phone: +81-749-22-0619
* The sightseeing ship Naomasa is also used in the Takeshima Island cruise, in addition to the Chikubu Island cruise.
[Hikone Castle 410 th anniversary festival]
■  Address of Hikone Castle: 1-1 Konki-cho, Hikone City
■  Access: A 15 min. walk from JR Hikone Station
■  Period: March 18 – December 10, 2017
■  Inquiries: Secretariat, the promotion committee of the National Treasure Hikone Castle 410th Anniversary Festival
    HP :  http://hikone-410th.com/