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Enjoy a Spring Outing in Shiga and on the Shore of Lake Biwa, Where Various Flowers Blossom in Glory

 Enjoy a Spring Outing in Shiga and on the Shore of Lake Biwa, Where Various Flowers Blossom in Glory

 In spring, various flowers are seen in full bloom in Shiga and on the shore of Lake Biwa, such as beautiful cherry flowers in April, and roses, tulips, and Japanese wisteria in May. Adorned with the added beauty of spring blooms, the land of Shiga, surrounding Lake Biwa, with a wealth of scenic, natural landscapes, offers plenty of photo spots. Shiga is a great place to go in spring.
Be mesmerized by Japanese wisteria at Sandai Shrine
 The Japanese wisteria planted at Sandai Shrine is said to be 400 years old. It peaks in late April to early May, with large pendulous flower clusters reaching the ground, which is why people dubbed it “sand-trailing wisteria.” Many people come to see its blooms.
■ Address: 309 Shina-cho, Kusatsu, Shiga
■ Access: Take a JR train on Biwako Line to Kusatsu Sta., then take a bus to Kitaogaya stop (10-minute ride), and then walk 10 minutes.
■ Web: http://en.biwako-visitors.jp/news/detail/130 

Be fascinated by tulips, rape blossoms, and roses at Shiga Agricultural Park “Blumen Hügel”】
 Blumen Hügel is an agricultural park built on a hill, making good use of the characteristics of the terrain. Fields of tulips and rape blossoms, as well as a rose garden with large roses of various colors in full bloom, announce the arrival of spring. The park features an area where visitors can enjoy contact with nature and animals such as sheep, horses, and cows. It also features cafés and restaurants.
■ Address: 864-1 Nishioji, Hino-cho, Gamo-gun, Shiga
■ Access : Take a JR train on Biwako Line to Omihachiman Sta. and then take a bus (50-minute ride).
■ Admission: Adult: 1,000 yen, Child: 600 yen
■ Web:   http://en.biwako-visitors.jp/spot/detail/148     

【Be captivated by roses, tree peonies, and irises at Biwako Otsukan】
 The building of Biwako Otsukan was the former Biwako Hotel. Dubbed “a state guesthouse in Shiga” as the most prestigious hotel in the prefecture at the time, it had the honor of accommodating many VIP guests, including the Emperor Showa, Helen Keller, and John Wayne. After the hotel was relocated, the building was repaired for preservation purposes and reopened as Biwako Otsukan, which preserves the appearance of the former Biwako Hotel. The restaurant and café in Biwako Otsukan, which face Lake Biwa, are now well visited. In the garden next to the building, visitors can enjoy the beautiful flowers of each season. Roses are at their best from mid-May to early June.
■ Address: 5-35 Yanagasaki, Otsu, Shiga
■ Access: Take a JR train on Biwako Line to Otsu Sta., then take a bus to Yanagasaki stop (10-minute ride). Or, take a JR train on Kosei Line to Otsukyo Sta. and then walk 20 minutes.
■ Admission to the building: free, Admission to the garden: 320 yen (/adult)
■ Web: http://en.biwako-visitors.jp/spot/detail/46