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Iwashiro-daibairin Ume Orchard in Minabe, Kishu

 In the Iwashiro-daibairin Ume Orchard, approximately 20,000 plum trees blossom with sweet flowers in the huge plum orchard of about 30 hectares, creating magnificent scenery as if the entire grounds were covered in a carpet of white. The sweet scent emanating from the blooming plum flowers all around announces the arrival of spring to those visiting the orchard.
   Visitors can also enjoy other various events during the ume blooming period including children’s dance performances, rice cake making, and lion dance performances. Visit the Iwashiro-daibairin orchard to enjoy the blossoming plum trees and other events!

【Event Information】 
■ When:Saturday, February 4, 2017 to Sunday, February 26, 2017
      (The period may change depending on the conditions of flowers.)
■ Where:Iwashiro-daibairin Ume Orchard (Minabe-cho, Wakayama)

(Photo provided by the Minabe Town Council Ume Section)
Contact : Iwashiro-daibairin Ume Viewing Association
Phone or E-mail +81-90-3614-8604
Website http://www.aikis.or.jp/~minabe/event/kanbai/iwashiro.html
Contact : Minabe Tourist Association
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