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Japanese Beauty Hokuriku campaign

 Hokuriku region’s three prefectures of Fukui, Toyama and Ishikawa will roll out a campaign promoting the beauty and appeal of Hokuriku in winter. The campaign is a follow-up to the Japanese Beauty Hokuriku campaign held in October and November, 2016.
   During the winter campaign in Fukui Prefecture, there will be many attractive offers, such as tours to watch the boiling of Echizen crabs, the Sea of Japan’s foremost winter delicacy; vouchers to spend at  Nihonkai Sakanamachi seafood market; and Eiheiji Temple zazen (Zen meditation) sessions.
   Other prefectures will also have promotions to boost the appeal of Hokuriku in winter. In Toyama Prefecture there will be tours to watch buri (Japanese amberjack or yellowtail) being filleted and prepared at Shin-Minato, and in Ishikawa Prefecture top-class sushi will be offered at discounted prices in an event known as Hyakumangoku no Sushi.
 Why not bring your family and friends to fascinating Hokuriku this winter?
◆ Campaign period: December 1 (Thu), 2016 through March 31 (Fri), 2017

Visitors watching Echizen crabs being boiled
Contact :  Tourism Promotion Division, Tourism Marketing Department, Fukui Prefectural Government
Phone or E-mail +81-776-20-0380
Website http://monogatari.hokuriku-imageup.org/index.html