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Sennin-buro River Bath opens at Kawayu Onsen

 Kawayu Onsen, on the Oto River, is a nationally unique hot spring where hot water flows from the river bed. Here, bathers dig in the river bed to create their own open air bath. A winter feature of this hot spring is the Sennin-buro River Bath, a huge open air bath made by temporarily damming up part of the river. It’s called a  Sennin (lit. 1,000 people) buro (bath) because it can reputedly accommodate 1,000 bathers at once. Why not visit Kawayu Onsen this winter to relax both body and mind in a bath under blue skies during the day, and starlit skies at night?
◆ Hours and duration: 6:30 to 22:00, from December to the end of February
◆ Place: Kawayu Onsen (Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture)

Photo courtesy of Kumano Hongu Tourist Association
Contact : Kumano Hongu Tourist Association
Phone or E-mail +81-735-42-0735
Website http://www.hongu.jp/onsen/kawayu/senninburo/