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The 33rd Kougei-Expo in Fukui

 Kougei-Expo, an annual event to promote public understanding and widespread use of traditional crafts, will be held in Fukui Prefecture in November. The main venue for this expo will be Sundome Fukui.
 Visitors can see and purchase traditional crafts from across Japan, participate in parent-and-child craft-making classes and enjoy tasting Fukui’s local sweets served in lacquerware and earthenware.
 Why not visit this expo and enjoy and appreciate the attractiveness of traditional crafts?
Event Information
■ Dates: Friday, November 25–Sunday, November 27, 2016
                * Free admission

Local Industries and Technologies Promotion Division, Fukui Prefectural Government
Contact : Administrative Office, Fukui Prefecture Kougei-Expo Promotion Council
Phone or E-mail +81-776-20-0377
Website http://kougei-expo.com