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Awa Odori Dance Festival in Tokushima: A Signature Summer Event of Japan

Awa Odori Dance Festival in Tokushima

 Starting in Naruto City on August 9, the Awa Odori Dance Festival takes place in various parts of Tokushima Prefecture, where the folk dance originated. Among them, the Awa Odori Dance Festival in Tokushima City, held from August 12 to 15, is the largest with some 100,000 dancers and about 1.2 million visitors. Over the four days, the city center resounds with festive music and dance, turning it into a place full of excitement. Please visit Tokushima and enjoy an atmosphere that can only be experienced in the home of Awa Odori dance.

Three Ways of Enjoying the Awa Odori Dance Festival
[Enjoy Watching!]
 Tokushima City is transformed into a dancing paradise with stages and stands located on streets and in parks during the festival. Spectators can view the Nagashi Odori dance, where performers parade through from the entrance to the exit of the stage. There are four stages with reserved seating and tickets are available at convenience stores and other places nationwide.
 You can also enjoy a different type of performance with stylish dance shows staged indoors by yumei-ren, or accomplished dance teams, of selected Awa dances during the daytime.
 Free stages and dance squares are also arranged. If you take a short walk, you can find people dancing all around town. Please enjoy the unique atmosphere of this city-wide festival.
[Enjoy Dancing!]
 As sung in a well-known chant by Awa Odori dancers parading through the streets, “The dancers are fools and the watchers are fools. Both are fools alike, so why not dance?” you can easily join a dance team in the Niwakaren held twice a day at two locations during the festival.
 Neither prior application nor participation fees are required. Anyone who comes at an appointed time to an appointed location can readily dance the Awa Odori. Other places also offer you a similar experience including the Awa Odori Kaikan and ASTY Dance Square.
[Enjoy All Year Round!]
 You can also view and experience the Awa Odori dance throughout the year: a Spring Awa Odori Dance in the Hana Haru Festa; a Fall Awa Odori Dance  Awa Odori Dance Parade held at ASTY Tokushima; and daytime and nighttime performances at the Awa Odori Kaikan where daytime shows are provided by a house dance team four times a day , and nighttime shows by accomplished dance teams once a day.
In the Fall Awa Odori Dance   Awa Odori Dance Parade on November 3,4 and 5, 2017, visitors can view gorgeous shows staged by accomplished dance teams and experience the Awa Odori dance free of charge. A National Awa Odori Dance Contest will also be held. Please visit the event in the fall.

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