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A Saiku-ato Archeological Site Excavated-Article Exhibition To Open

A Saiku-ato Archeological Site Excavated-Article Exhibition

 Soon after leaving Saiku Station (in Meiwa Town, Taki District, Mie Prefecture) on the way from the Matsusaka area to Ise by Kintetsu Railway, you can see three hinoki-bark-thatched buildings through the windows on the left side of the train. This Saiku area is known for the palace of the Saio, the successive imperial princesses who served Ise Jingu Shrine on behalf of the Emperors in the Heian period (roughly the 9th to 12th centuries). Saiku literally means “the palace of the Saio.” The above-mentioned three hinoki-bark-thatched buildings are full-scale reproductions of the main facilities of Saiku, icons of the historic-site park Saiku Heian no Mori which opened on Saturday, October 24, 2015. These buildings were built on the actual archeological site discovered through excavation, while preserving the excavated underground structure remnants.
 The creation of this park has required a long time of excavation of the ancient site of Saiku and careful examination of its findings. Celebrating the opening of the park, Saiku Historical Museum will hold a Saiku-ato Excavated Article Exhibition to introduce the general public mainly to the findings of excavations in and around the park. The exhibition features various articles excavated from the center of Saiku and the possible ancient site of the palace of the Saio, including earthenware with Japan’s oldest writing of iroha-uta (the Japanese syllabary poem) in hiragana with China ink, and items designated as important cultural properties.
 Why not come and see the Saiku buildings, with a history of over a millennium, reproduced in the present era together with excavated articles telling us about the ancient time? We look forward to receiving many visitors to the park and the exhibition.
Date and time: Saturday, November 21 to Sunday, December 6, 2015; 9:30a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed on Mondays (However, the exhibition will be opened on Monday, November 23 (a national holiday), and closed on Tuesday, November 24, 2015.)
Admission fee: Free   * An admission fee is charged to see the regular exhibition.
Venue: Special gallery, Saiku Historical Museum
503 Takegawa, Meiwa-cho, Taki-gun, Mie Prefecture
About 15 minutes on foot from Saiku Station on the Kintetsu Yamada Line

Contact : Saiku Historical Museum 503 Takegawa, Meiwa-cho, Taki-gun, Mie Prefecture
Phone or E-mail +81-596-52-3800
Website http://www.bunka.pref.mie.lg.jp/saiku/