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Osaka International Peace Center’s Peace Memorial Event for the Anniversary Day of the Start of the Pacific War Special Day for the “Peace Cinema”

Special Day for the “Peace Cinema”  
~Reflecting on the days around the end of the war before the anniversary day of its start ~

   The Pacific War started on December 8, 1941 and ended on August 15, 1945. Around the end of the war, people experienced various incidents.
   This year’s peace memorial event for the anniversary day of the start of the war features two movies, concerning “Air raids on the day before the end of the war” and “War after the end of the war,” to reflect on the misery of war and preciousness of peace.
Date and time
Sunday, December 6, 2015   13:00–16:00
Part 1: Theme —“Air raids on the day before the end of the war”
Movie: Osaka Daikushu (Great Osaka Air Raids) vol. 5: Osaka Daikushu in July and August (37 min.)
This movie features stories told by those who experienced the raids. (Planned by Osaka Prefecture; Supported by Osaka International Peace Center)
Affected areas: Sumiyoshi-ku, Konohana-ku, Joto-ku, and Higashi-ku (present-day Chuo-ku) of Osaka City; Sakai City; Kaizuka City; Moriguchi City, etc.
Part 2: Theme —“War after the end of the war”
Movie: Karafuto 1945-nen Natsu —Hyosetsu no mon (literally “Karafuto in summer 1945: Gate of Ice and Snow”) (119 min.)
Set in Karafuto (Sakhalin) in August 1945, this movie is based on the true story of nine female telephone operators at the Maoka post office, known as northern equivalents to the “Lily Corps” in Okinawa. The movie depicts the operators continuing to perform their duties to the last moments while the Soviet Union’s troops were approaching them.
Director: Mitsuo Murayama
Based on Karafuto 1945-nen Natsu: Karafuto Shusen Kiroku (literally “Karafuto in summer 1945: A report on the end of the war in Karafuto”) by Toshio Kaneko
Starring: Terumi Niki; Keiko Torii; Kawai Okada; Yumiko Fujita; Midori Kiuchi; Sanae Kitahara; Go Wakabayashi; Toshio Kurosawa; Yoko Minamida; Harue Akagi; Tetsuro Tamba, and others
Outline of the event
The event is open to all people.
Maximum numbers of audience members: 250 people each for Part 1 and 2
Reservations by phone required
Participation fee: Free (However, an admission fee to the center is charged. Adults: 250 yen; High school students: 150 yen; Junior high school students and below, people aged 65 and above, and challenged people: Free)
Venue: Auditorium, Osaka International Peace Center
Organized by Osaka International Peace Center
Contact : Osaka International Peace Center
Phone or E-mail +81-6-6947-7208
Website http://www.peace-osaka.or.jp/