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Open-air natural hot spring called “Senninburo”―Hot water gushing out instantly after digging into the riverside

 Kawayu Hotspring is well-known for its hot water gushing out instantly after digging into the riverside. The “Senninburo,” a large open-air natural hot spring bath will be opened again this winter. The water is adjusted to around 40 °C by drawing a clear stream of the Otou-gawa River into the water source, which gushes from the riverbed at 73 °C. Around the hot spring is only an enclosure made of yoshizu (non-hanging type Japanese sunshade made of reed stalks). This hot spring is very popular for its sense of spaciousness when you soak in the hot spring while looking up to a blue sky or a starry sky. With separate dressing rooms for men and women and a free parking area, you can casually enjoy bathing surrounded by Mother Nature.
   Furthermore, events will be held during the bathing period such as the “Yukemuri Tourou” in which steam rising from the hot spring creates a visionary atmosphere through illumination by lanterns, as well as the “Sennin-buro Karuta Taikai” (karuta card event), held annually in January.
   Bathing may be prohibited in bad weather.
Date/time: December 1 (Sun) – February 28 (Fri) (scheduled) 6:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Location: Kawayu Hot spring  Kawayu, Hongu-cho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture
Fee: Free of charge

Large open-air natural hot spring full of rural charm created by temporarily damming the Otou-gawa River
Contact : Kumano Hongu Tourism Association
Phone or E-mail +81-735-42-0735