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KYOTO is a global catchword for “ecology”!

   KYOTO has been recognized as a global catchword for “ecology” since 1997, when the Kyoto Protocol was adopted at COP3, the third session of the Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. This is a great honor for us, Kyoto, while at the same time making us feel strongly that it is our mission to take the lead in protecting the global environment.

   The City of Kyoto is promoting environment protection activities under the catch phrase “DO YOU KYOTO?,” which means “Are you doing anything good for the environment?”

   Celebrating the Kyoto Protocol, which took effect on February 16 in 2005, the 16th of every month was designated DO YOU KYOTO? day, one of Kyoto’s efforts; it includes the following programs.
1. Lights down
   It is recommended that outdoor illuminations in the city be turned down on that day.
2. Kyoto Light Dinner
   It is recommended that candles and non-electric lighting be used in restaurants in the city.
3. No “My Car” Day
   It is recommended that private cars not be used for commuting or the like on that day.

   Let’s work together to prevent global warming.

Contact : Global Environment Policy Office, City of Kyoto
Phone or E-mail +81-75-222-4555, ge@city.kyoto.jp