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Fall special viewing of Sakai’s cultural properties, in association with Japanese movie “Ask this of Rikyu”

There will be a Fall special viewing of Sakai’s cultural properties such as shrines and temples, from Saturday, November 16 to Sunday, November 24. In association with  the Japanese movie “Ask this of Rikyu”, to be released next month, Sen-no-Rikyu- and Japanese tea ceremony-related cultural assets will be exhibited at shrines and temples in Sakai City for a limited time.

A mini-concert, together with decorative illumination, will be presented in Myokokuji temple(November 16, 17, 23 and 24 only). This temple owns a Rikyu-invented Utsusemi (a tea scoop).

Tea service with sweets (400yen), a picture-story show and original merchandise are available at Aguchi Jinja Shrine, where a “Golden Teahouse” replica will be exhibited.

Also, an actual set from the movie “Ask this of Rikyu” is displayed on the 21st floor of the Sakai City Hall. As well, a portrait of Rikyu - and his letters - are on exhibit at the Sakai City Museum.

Free loop buses to the major special viewing places will be available on November 16, 17, 23 and 24.
Come and enjoy.

Sliding screen painting at Daianji
(important cultural properties)
Rikyu's residence
Contact : Tourism Department, Culture and Tourism Bureau, Sakai City Government
Phone or E-mail +81-72-228-7493