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Illumination 2013 – night shows in Osaka

   Osaka Prefectural Government is promoting “Osaka, The Museum” Concept, with the goal of making Osaka even more brilliantly spectacular, impressive and enjoyable. One such effort this winter is “Illumination 2013 – night shows in Osaka,” which is a collaboration of lighting-up programs such as “Festival of the light in Osaka 2013,” selected from more than 1,200 registered.
   The information is posted on the website (Japanese only) and accessible through “Osaka Museum Mobile Guide System (Furatto Annai),” a free application provided by Softbank Mobile Corp., easily viewed by smart phones too. Click PDF file below for
English information
   An illumination photo contest for event-related pictures is also planned.
   Come and enjoy Osaka’s illumination culture.

Midosuji Illumination
Winter Illumination at Lovely Hall
Umeda Snowman Festival
 Festival of the light in Osaka 2013
 Schedule of other Osaka Illumination spots
Contact : Osaka Promotion and Tourism Division, Osaka Promotion Bureau,
       Department of Civic and Cultural Affairs, Osaka Prefectural Government
Phone or E-mail +81-6-6210-9302